All members in good standing of the Plaza Oaks Club, Inc. are eligible to hold a party on the club grounds. The member must register the function at least seven days in advance with the party scheduler, Rene Hamilton. The following rules and regulations apply to all parties held at the club:

Plaza Oaks Club Party Agreement

Download the POC Party Agreement, sign & submit with payment to party scheduler volunteer.

  • Any party with 12 or more people attending (adults and/or children) constitutes a party and needs to be on the calendar to assure adequate lifeguard coverage. 
  • If the party is more than 25 guests, a lifeguard must be hired and paid for by the party host at the rate of $20/hour.   The ratios of guests per lifeguards are based on the Red Cross standards which the insurance companies use as guidelines for issuing liability insurance to the club.  See below.

Usage Fee: 

  • $50.00 for pool party
  • $35.00 for playground only party
  • *Said rental fee shall be for 2-hour increments which is inclusive of set up and clean up.
  • *Additional hours shall be charged $20.00 per hour. 
  • *Additional lifeguard/s will be required as set forth below:
    • 25-49 total attendees:  1 additional lifeguard ($20/hour)
    • 50-74 total attendees:  2 additional lifeguards ($40/hour)
    • 75-99 total attendees:  3 additional lifeguards ($60/hour)
    • 100+ total attendees: to be decided as appropriate by POC Board

Parties held outside of pool hours are considered "Private Parties". 

  • An additional hour will be required for each lifeguard for 30 minutes before the party during set up time and 30 minutes after the party at $20/hour.

General Conditions:

  • To reserve a party, the individual must be a member of Plaza Oaks Club (having currently paid the yearly membership dues). 
  • Adult supervision is required for all youth gatherings, regardless of age.
  • The member holding the party is responsible for cleaning up.  This member is also liable for any and all damage incurred by their guests during the party.  NO GLASS ALLOWED IN POOL AREA, PLAYGROUND, AND OUTDOOR KITCHEN.
  • When event time is over, guests need to leave the premises or the member needs to pay a guest fee ($2 per guest) for each guest staying past the event time.
  • The grill area is available for use during an event but is not limited to only the party; all members have access to the grill at all times (exception is Friday Burger Nights).
  • Please use playground/grill area tables and pool umbrella tables for refreshments during the party; leave the covered patio area (near the restrooms) for the members not attending the party.
  • The community organizations or non-profit entities wishing to rent the facilities will be required to fill out a party club agreement form and said application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the POC.
  • The party must end at 10:30 PM sharp, in consideration of the neighbors. The pool must be clean and closed by 11:00 PM. 
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum in consideration of the neighbors. 

Contact party scheduler, Rene Hamilton at